Mold Mitigation & Remediation

Mold Growth occurs quickly as 24 hours after water damage. Preventing mold growth is done by: Fast water mitigation, drying and relaitve humidity control. However, when mold is present and remediation is required, Top Restoration's Certified Mold Technicians and indoor air quality professionals work to free the property of mold and microbial problems. We follow IICRC standards and Approved American National Standards and guidelines for remediation and use the latest in remediation technology, including a system called "WATER OUT" ( THAT WILL DRYOUT ANY STRUCTURE OF A HOME OR BUILDING INSIDE AND OUT LESS THAN 48 HOURS!!!)


The mold is stop in its tracks and no longer a threat. Where more conventional methods take several days to control the humidity and labor intensive cleaning must follow, WATER OUT turns the air into desert conditions and the mold growth is stopped. Using a certified professional in the mold and water damage from Top Job's Restoration is the important first step in protecting your property from mold damage.

Water Out is the most fastest drying time system in the industry today. Saving time and money are its major advantages. While old methods can only remove 22 to 70 lbs. a day. Water Out can remove 2400 lbs. of water in a day!